Eytan Davidovits

Year: Senior
Position: President
Major: Economics (but really Design)
Extracurricular Activities: Loving Israel, TAMID, UI design.
Childhood Dream: To take over the world.
Fun Fact: My childhood dream is going to be reality.



Jacob Finn

Year: Junior
Position: External Vice President
Major: Psychology, Global Studies Minor
Extracurricular Activities: AEPi, Sunset Rec, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office
Childhood Dream: I’ve always wanted to work for the CIA… but who says that’s a childhood dream?
Fun Fact: Ronald Reagan is my neighbor.


Omer Hit

Year: Junior
Position: Internal Vice President
Major: Neuroscience and Theater Minor Not Related but makes me that much more interesting.
Extracurricular Activities: I walk backwards Professionally as a Campus Tour Guide, I play the real futbol with my feet and played on various teams here at Ookla, I am an avid Hooligan in HOOLIGAN Theatre Company where I am even more beautiful looking on stage, and I spend some of my time over there at the coolest sorority on the row: Hillel.
Childhood Dream: To play for Manchester United, this HAWT soccer team in England.
Fun Fact: I was told that if a more attractive Adam Sandler and young John Travolta had a baby then it would look like me.


Genevieve Javidzad

Year: Sophomore
Position: Director of Marketing
Major: English
Extracurricular Activities: Bruin Running Club
Childhood Dream: To be a limbo queen
Fun Fact: I went to preschool at UCLA and now made it full circle to undergrad at UCLA.


Arielle Mokhtarzadeh

Year: Freshman
Position: Director of Public Relations
Major: Still soul searching
Extracurricular Activities: Loving Israel
Childhood Dream: To be Olivia Pope
Fun Fact: I love Israel.


Dani Glouberman

Year: Sophomore
Position: Director of Programming
Major: Civil Engineering
Extracurricular Activities: Engineering Ambassadors, Hillel Campus Engagement, ASCE
Childhood Dream: To build the next Golden Gate Bridge.
Fun Fact: My favorite food is cereal



Michael Vaysman

Year: Sophomore
Position: Director of Finance
Major: Economics with Accounting
Extracurricular Activities: AEPi, Sailing, Fencing and lots of Working
Childhood Dream: Investment Banker
Fun Fact: I'm a русский


David Mostovoy

Year: Junior
Position: Administrative Director
Major: International Development Studies
Extracurricular Activities: TAMID Israel Business Club, UCLA Police Department.
Childhood Dream: I liked to think that I was capable of being a fighter pilot. I then realized that I am scared of spinning in circles while traveling at the speed of sound in a metal tube with wings; but I won't give up on my dream just yet.
Fun Fact: I once walked the width of a whole country... even though it was Israel, I like to think of it as a major accomplishment and don't let anyone tell me otherwise.

DSC_0126 - Version 2.jpg

Yair Vardi

Graduated From: Tel Aviv University
Position: Israel Fellow
Major: Economics and Political Science
Extracurricular Activities: Israeli Scouts, TAU political clubs, Hiking, and Sports.
Childhood Dream: Work with Will Smith in Men in Black.
Fun Fact: Born on Hannukah, my name means ‘Bring Light’ in Hebrew (pronounced Ya’eer and not Yael)