Submission: Hate speech after divestment resolution only furthers divide

Last week, a member of Students for Justice in Palestine published an op-ed in the Daily Bruin titled “Daily Bruin should have disclosed authors’ link to Hasbara.” This frivolous attempt to taint our image, undermine our integrity and portray us as incapable of forming our own opinions is just one example of the radical and hurtful accusations that have been made about members of the Bruin community after the Undergraduate Students Association Council rejected a resolution to divest from five companies.

UCLA Student Government Votes Against Divestment From Israel

After a meeting that lasted until dawn Wednesday, the UCLA undergraduate student government voted against a measure that would have urged the UC system to sell off stocks of companies that do business with the Israeli military and profit from Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories.

Submission: Divestment promotes anti-Israeli movement

At 7 p.m. Tuesday, the Undergraduate Students Association Council will be debating a resolution calling for divestment from five companies that have contracts with the Israeli government. We find this resolution misleading and offensive, and urge all of our fellow students to join us in opposition to it.

Omar Barghouti at UCLA: No to BDS, no to occupation

On Jan. 15, I subjected myself to a tirade of anti-Israel fulminations by BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti. I went to hear him deliver a speech to UCLA students, out of a sense of obligation to the Jewish students whom I serve. I always feel that I must be present when a threatening speaker comes to campus. But given the claims of our local Palestinian students that BDS means only a boycott of the major Western corporations that are implicated in sustaining the West Bank occupation (e.g., Caterpillar) and the fact that many maintain that BDS is a legitimate nonviolent way of protesting Israeli “oppression,” I was also curious to learn how this popular campaign was being promoted.

Omar Barghouti at UCLA: A speaker who brings hate

Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, is on the road again with his anti-Israel show and its pack of bigotry and lies. On Jan. 15, UCLA’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) hosted him at UCLA for his talk, “International Solidarity With Palestine: Towards a Global Intifada.” An apt title, although he piously insists his movement is nonviolent, he banged the drum for more bloodshed against Israeli Jews, for a fight to the finish that would undo the results of the 1948 war and be Zionism’s death knell. Nothing else would do.

Submission: USAC decision on conflict is disappointing

Last week, the Undergraduate Students Association Council considered a resolution entitled “A Resolution In Support of Positive Steps Towards an Israeli-Palestinian Peace.” The resolution recognized that “both the Jewish people and the Palestinian people have historical and cultural ties to the land” and “both the Jewish and Palestinian narratives regarding the land are substantial parts of each group’s self-identity.”

Dialogue dies: USAC disappoints, rejects peaceful discussion of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

This past Tuesday, after more than seven hours of deliberation and debate, USAC voted down a resolution (5-7-0) brought forth by Internal Vice President Avi Oved and sponsored by General Representative Sunny Singh and Academic Affairs Commissioner Darren Ramalho. The resolution called for something that should be inherent and unnecessary to ask for in a healthy campus climate: support for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Arab conflict solely through considering legislation that represents the conflict’s “complex, multi-faceted nature” and the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians. The resolution also asked for the council’s further consideration of “financially sound” investments in various companies whose corporate policies and resources encourage economic growth and cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians.