About Bruins For Israel

Bruins For Israel holds open meetings and events throughout the academic year and encourage anyone interested in Israel to stop by at anytime. Check our Events Page to check out what we have planned for the quarter.

Our Mission:

Bruins for Israel is the premier pro-Israel group at the University of California, Los Angeles. Our organization works to educate the campus community on the politics, history and culture of the Jewish State of Israel. We focus to promote Israel as a democratic nation that shares America’s western values and  contributes to the world in a variety of fields, including technology, industry, medicine and the arts.

We present the facts about the state of Israel while subsequently debunking the misinformation abounding popular opinion and the media. By avoiding partisan stances on Israeli politics, we try to allow students to reach their own conclusions on the Jewish nation. By framing factual current events in a historical context, we give the campus community the tools to comprehend the turmoil.